Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So last week we talked about surveys… this week were going to discuss experiments. Both of these forms are  very prelivent methods in research, but what we have to ask ourselves is.. what on earth is the difference between these two methods?

Some people when they hear the word experiment they think of a lab.. with chemicals and rats running around something like Dexter’s Labratory… when it comes to public relations.. we do not do anything along those lines!

An experiment I found humorous obviously dealt with Lohan and her roller coaster of a life. This “experiment” talks about how in prison she has to try these new foods and is on the prison diet. Although this article struck me as humorous…this really would not be considered  an experiment because something that an experiment requires is a control  group and an experiment group.

The best way I understand the two groups is to use the example of the placebo effect.  A good way to relate this to students would be to test the study of adderall  if it really makes students focus. Group A would be the experimental group.. and they would receive the “placebo”. They would think that the pill is going to make them focus, when in reality it is just sugar. And group B would be the control group and given the same amount of work to complete without any help. We could test the results to see who completed their work more thoroughly. This is just a brief example to help define the two groups and why they are used in experiments.

If you were ever in an experiment… which group do you think you were in?

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